Does this school register with the Education Office?

YES. The licenses for all education programs have been issued by the Education Office since it started in 2006 until now. All programs are registered and we have a School National ID - NPSN (Nomor Pokok Sekolah Nasional)

All students are registered in the Ministry of Education database, so he/she has a Student National ID - NISN (National Induk Siswa Nasional) that will be required when taking National standardized exams.

In 2014, Sekolah Pelita Bangsa changed the status to become a SPK (Collaborative Education Unit) for our Primary, Secondary and Junior College schools. The SPK licenses are issued directly from the Ministry of Education - Republic of Indonesia. We proudly would like to inform you that we are the first and the only SPK school in Cirebon city (at the time of this issued publication).

What is the meaning of a SPK school?

SPK stands for Satuan Pendidikan Kerjasama (Collaborative Education Unit)

In 2014, the decree of Ministry of Education No. 31/2014 required that all International/National Plus schools must choose to change their status to either a SPK or National school. With a SPK status, the school is allowed to adopt an international curriculum in the learning process. Only 3 subjects in the national curriculum (Bahasa, Religion and Pancasila Civic) need to be taught to our Indonesian students. We collaborate with Cambridge International Assessment as our trusted education partner.

Other schools that did not wish to change their status to SPK, incorporated an all National curriculum.

The list of 501 SPK schools in Indonesia was published in the newspaper, Jakarta Post and Kompas on September 17th, 2019 to bring public awareness of a big number of schools that using foreign curriculum but not registered as a SPK school.

The list of 501 SPK schools in Indonesia was published in the newspapers, The Jakarta Post and Kompas on September 17th, 2019 to bring public awareness to the number of schools that use a foreign curriculum but are not registered as a SPK school.

SPK Sekolah Pelita Bangsa is the first and only SPK school in Cirebon since 2014. SPB became a member of PSSI (Perkumpulan Sekolah SPK di Indonesia) - an organization of SPK schools in Indonesia.

Source: https://setjen.kemdikbud.go.id/setjen/berita-daftar-satuan-pendidikan-kerja-sama-per-november-2017.html

Have the education programs been accredited?


Our Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary and Junior college programs are accredited A (Excellent) from Badan Akreditasi Nasional Sekolah/Madrasah (BAN S/M). This means our education process met 8 rigorous accreditation standards with very satisfactory results.

Is this school based on one particular religion?


We are proud to be a diverse school community in terms of ethnicity, race, religion and even nationalities. As mandated by the government, we teach 5 religion subjects (Islam, Catholic, Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism). Learning in a diverse environment enables students and staff alike to practice living in harmony. This encompassing environment reflects the Indonesian spirit of “Bhineka Tunggal Ika” (Unity in Diversity)

Is this school a Cambridge International school?

YES it is. The school became the first Cambridge International School in Cirebon in 2011 with the ID-171. The consistency in using Cambridge curriculum has prepared students to reach remarkable achievements in their educational career and cope with challenges that may rise in the future. Some of our alumni have been accepted in many outstanding colleges and universities worldwide on a scholarship basis.

The curriculum has been widely implemented by more than 10,000 schools in 160 countries worldwide. The qualifications are highly recognized by leading universities and in the marketplace. Moreover, the Cambridge curriculum provides flexibility to be combined with the national curriculum as regulated by the government.

Source: https://www.cambridgeinternational.org/why-choose-us/benefits-of-a-cambridge-education/

What language is used in the learning process?

English is the main language used in the learning process. Bahasa Indonesia and Mandarin are taught and used in the relevant subjects.

Should the student take the National examination to get a National Diploma?

Students with Indonesian citizenship are obliged to take the National Examinations in grades 6, 9 and 12 as regulated by Indonesian government. They will receive a national diploma.

Foreign students are not required to take the National Examination.

What kind of Cambridge exams will be taken and where will the exams be conducted?

- All Cambridge examinations are conducted on our campus.

- Cambridge progression tests are conducted in grades 3, 4 and 5.

- Cambridge Primary Checkpoint is conducted in grade 6.

- Cambridge Secondary Checkpoint is conducted in grade 8.

- IGCSE (The International General Certificate of Cambridge Secondary Education) is conducted in grade 10.

- Cambridge A (Advance) Level is conducted in grade 12.

Does the school have educational partners?

- Education office in Cirebon and the Ministry of Education - Republic of Indonesia.

- RELO (Regional English Language Officer) US Embassy – to develop English teaching programs in Cirebon and surrounding cities.

- Concordia University, Portland Oregon, USA for Master in Education internship program since 2013.

- Cambridge Assessment International Education since 2014.

- SASMO (Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad) – as a regional partner for Math Olympiad since 2016.

- Hanban – the official online testing center for HSK (Hanyu Shuipping Kaoshi) since 2018.

- Bank Indonesia – with the BI Corner program in 2019.

- Partnerships with 4 reputable universities, Acharya Institutes, Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology, SRM Institute of Science and Technology and Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology in India since 2020.

What are the teachers' qualifications?

Our teachers possess a bachelor's degree and experience in their related fields. The in-house training is conducted along with other training programs from the Cambridge Assessment International Education and other institutions in our professional development program. Teachers are a mix of Indonesian and expatriates.

In what ways, the school incorporate the use of technology in the learning process?

- Students learn coding and digital citizenship from grade 1 onward.

- Each student has a Pelita Bangsa email account.

- Each student has a digital library account for learning resources, research and developing an interest in reading.

- Each student, along with their parents have access to ALMA, which is our electronic platform that allows for enhanced school-home connection, as well as academic and administrative aspects.

- Each secondary and junior college student receives an internet account to use at school and to access digital books.

- School uses the latest learning technology such as smart boards, interactive visualizer, projectors and a variety of online learning platforms.

Do you have any extracurricular activities?

Our extracurriculars are crafted to be age-appropriate activities for the enjoyment and enrichment of the students. They are geared to developing students' skills based on their interests and needs. The activities are taught by specialists who have experience in the related fields.

We offer a variety of activities from kindergarten to Junior college. Currently some of the choices are Robotics, Mandarin, Dancerobics, Coding, Wushu, Ballet, Swimming, Futsal, Magic, Crafts, Violin, Fashion design, Choir, Basketball and more.

What are Clubs?

A club is a forum initiated by secondary and junior college students who have the same interest in a particular area. There is a formal process for the creation of a club, with each club having a teacher as a facilitator, and the students organizing and implementing the activities. Clubs are a wonderful environment for the students to develop their skills in planning, organizing and implementing specific programs.

Some of the current clubs are: Choir, Basketball, Korean Language Club, Business Club, Chess Club, Theater Club, Empowerment Club, Cyberwiz Club, and Russian Teaching Club.

What are Homesteads?

Homesteads are unique groups in which all Secondary and Junior college students are divided. We have three homesteads named Ciremai, Wayang Golek and Monas. This platform is designed to hone not only leadership skills, but to build comradery through collaboration, communication and competition. Students plan and organize their own homesteads while the teachers help facilitate the groups.

What kind of report cards will be received by students?

- Early Childhood students will receive School Report Cards.

- Kindergarten students will receive School and National Report Cards.

- Primary students will receive School Report Cards, National Report Cards and National Certificates, as well as the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint Certificates.

- Secondary students will receive School Report Cards, National Report Cards and National Certificates, Cambridge Secondary Checkpoint Certificates (Grade 8) and Cambridge IGCSE Certificates (Grade 10).

- Junior College students will receive School Report Cards, School Graduation Diplomas, National Report Cards, National Certificates, Cambridge IGCSE Certificates (Grade 10) and Cambridge A Level Certificates (Grade 12).

Where will the graduates be able continue their education?

Our graduates have the opportunity to continue their studies in either public or private schools in Indonesia and abroad.

Our Alumni are pursuing their education in top universities worldwide with many of them receiving substantial scholarships.

What would be the alumni profile?

Alumni are divided into 2 categories: IGCSE Alumni (Grade 10) and SPB Alumni (Grade 12).

The Class of 2018 was the first graduating class. The IGCSE Alumni were successfully admitted to: King’s College in the UK and Li Po Chun UWC of Hong Kong.

The Class of 2018 was the first graduating class. The IGCSE Alumni were successfully admitted to: King’s College in the UK and Li Po Chun UWC of Hong Kong.

SPB Alumni were accepted in top-ranked Universities as well as awarded many prestigious scholarships. Some of the acceptances and scholarships are as follows: Yale NUS Singapore (full scholarship), APU Ritsumeikan Japan (full scholarship), University of Cincinnati - Ohio USA (scholarship), University of Michigan - USA (scholarship), Seton Hall University - New Jersey USA, Pensacola Christian College - Florida USA, Université de Bordeaux France (scholarship), Queensland University of Technology - Brisbane Australia (scholarship), SAE Institute, President University, Universitas Pelita Harapan (scholarship).


How to register?

Registration is by completing the Enrollment form, submitting required documents and settling the invoice.

It is very important that the Enrollment form be completely filled out. School officers will register the data with the Online-based National Education system. Incompleteness of data and documents can inhibit the process in registering your child. Thus, he/she won’t be registered in the national system and won’t be able to join the National standardized exams as a result.

Do you have online-registration?

The online registration is available.

Do you offer scholarships?


School foundation offers academic and non-academic (Art and Sports) scholarships for Secondary and Junior college applicants. Scholarship application forms should be completed along with supporting documents.

Non-academic scholarships are open to students with achievement in regional (provincial) level.(provincial) level.

Do you have a placement test?

The placement test will be conducted for transfer students, if deemed necessary.

The purpose is to indicate his/her capabilities, so the school may place him/her in the right grade. This will help students achieve their best potential in the appropriate grade.


What achievements have been achieved by the School as an institution?

1. In October 2011, Sekolah Pelita Bangsa was appointed as a Cambridge International School with ID number 171. We become the first Cambridge school in Cirebon. It means that the school met the high educational qualification benchmarks set by Cambridge Assessment International Education.

2. Each level, Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary and Junior College has been ACCREDITED A from the Badan Akreditasi Nasional Sekolah / Madrasah (BAN-S/M).

3. We won first place in the "National" competition and received “The Best Junior High School Award” in the 2013 EF English First Indonesia Competition.

4. Our Secondary students received the 2nd Highest average scores in Cirebon in the National Standardized Examination for the academic years 2016-2017 and 2018-2019.

5. Our Junior college students received the 4th Highest average score in Cirebon in the National Standardized Examination (Major Science) for the academic year 2018-2019.

6. We receive an outstanding regional partner Award in recognition of our ongoing contribution and commitment as an authorized testing center of International Math Olympiad SASMO, SIMOC, AMO.

7. We are the only authorized testing center for the online HSK (Hanyu Shuipping Kaoshi) exam in Cirebon. It is an international standardized test for Mandarin as is required to enter a Chinese university or work in China.

8. In February 2020, the school signed a Memorandum of Understanding with 4 reputable universities in India, Acharya Institutes, Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology, SRM Institute of Science and Technology and Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology.

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